CI Demon
CI Demon
Your repositories on the macOS status bar
Monitor your code, deployments, pull requests and build jobs easily, a secury, tiny and native app.
Demonic Features
Not electron, not a webview.
Security built-in
Local encryption on Keychain.
Know when something is broken.
Filter & Sort any amount of data.
Completely free.
Supported Providers
Github CircleCI AppCenter Travis CI Bitrise Gitlab

Must have for developers - srolija

One of those tools that you don't realize how convenient it makes life until you try it. Works great with CircleCI and saves time having to wait and check the build status manually.

A simple tool that adds so much DX value - twgraham

"Having a unobtrusive reminder of CI status is extremely useful. While email or slack notifications might be great for important build notifications, I find this is so much better for getting updates on feature branches that don't need my immediate attention. It's also so much faster than going to a bookmarked CI page in your browser, finding the build, and waiting for slow interfaces to load."

Great tool for monitoring CI workflows - Nigel1066

"I've been using CCMenu for a while but that has issues as it only monitors the default branch in CircelCI. I wanted the ability to monitor specific branches and also any personal branches. CI Demon totally does that!"
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